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Learning In Action

Dynamic and engaging learning experiences are happening daily at Athelstane Public School. This year we want to invite you into each classroom to view a snapshot of some of the current learning taking place. Stay tuned on this page as we share learning experiences from each classroom over the course of the year.


Amongst the many other learning experiences happening in 4DW, this year in Visual Arts we are focusing on experimenting with a number of different materials and artistic styles, culminating in our end of year Art Show. Our first artwork of the year, titled 'Bad Hair Day' was the first attempt of the students to follow step-by-step directions to draw a portrait to scale. Students then traced their work in black marker and added more detail such as hair and facial lines. To complete the artwork students used a variety of different colours of liquid watercolour paint and blew the paint in a variety of directions to create their 'bad hair day'. This is the first of many different artistic styles and materials that we will experience this year.