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School history

Athelstane Public School's brief history from 1930 to now.

1930 - The Department of Education opened Wilson Road Public School in the grounds of the Salvation Army Home in Arncliffe (now known as Macquarie Lodge).

1932 - Harbour Bridge was opened. Miss Gillett from Wilson Road Public School wrote to ask for free railway passes for 20 girls from the school to visit the Harbour Bridge.

1945 - The Minister of Education inspected Wilson Road Public School and found the playground was in a bad state. He suggested another site be inspected to build a new school. He inspected a site on the corner of Wollongong Road and Dowling Street but the owner Mrs Judd was eager to remain in her house and was not willing to sell.

1948 - There were 125 students attending Wilson Road Public School. It was decided that the Education Department should once again go ahead and try to buy the site known as "Athelstane". 

1949 - The Education Department purchased the land on the corner of Wollongong Road and Dowling Street to build a new school.

1950 - Wilson Road Public School operated on two sites: at the Salvation Army Home (Macquarie Lodge) and the new site on the corner of Wollongong Road and Dowling Street (Athelstane).

1951 - The school on the corner of Wollongong Road and Dowling Street was named Athelstane Public School.

1952 - Athelstane Public School was officially opened.

1956 - A separate infants department was established.

1966 - Decimal currency was introduced in Australia.

1970 - The first ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher was appointed to Athelstane Public School.

1971 - The winter uniform was changed.

1972 - The construction of the new infants building was completed.

1973 - A full time ESL Teacher was appointed to the school.

1983 - Athelstane Public School was classified as a disadvantaged school program (DSP).

1985 - DSP funded a language experience program and a personal development program.

1988 - Athelstane celebrated Australia's bicentennial year.

1989 - Demountables were moved to Athelstane.

1990 - Mrs A. Johnson was appointed as Principal.

1992 - Mrs L. Maclean started to work at Athelstane. Peer support program was introduced for the first time.

1993 - The basketball court was opened.

1995 - Girls netball team and boys soccer team made it to the Grand Final in primary schools sport association (PSSA)

1997 - Athelstane gets connected to the World Wide Web. Arncliffe community festival was held at the school.

1999 - Mr R. Megahey was appointed as Principal.

2000 - Olympic Games were held in Sydney. Athelstane mini olympics held.

2001 - Centenary of federation. All students received a centenary of federation coin.

2002 - Athelstane Public School turns 50.

2004 - Athelstane hosted their first musical performance 'Safari'.

2005 - Ms C. Johnson is appointed as Principal.

2006 - In a Commonwealth Games year, Athelstane hosted their own event.

2006 - The school musical 'Outback' was performed.

2007 - Students were involved in the creation of the book 'Going Bush'.

2008 - Students hosted and competed on television game show 'It's Academic'.

2008 - 'Lifesaver' the musical was performed.

2009 - Athelstane embarked on a relationship with Sydney University through the 'compass program'.

2010 - The school musical ‘Pirate Cantata’ was performed and staff and students hosted their very own 'master chef'.

2011 - Launch of the SPARK program commenced in partnership with the Australian Business Council Network. Qantas staff mentored students in reading.

2012 - Students performed in 'Vaudeville The Musical'.

2013 - Mr Lindsay was welcomed as Principal.

2014 - Autism awareness day was celebrated.

2014 - The amazing 'Rocks To Rap' musical was performed.

2015 - Multicultural day was celebrated.

2016 - 'Go For Gold' the musical was performed.